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A Boutique Insurance Brokerage dedicated to the Art of Insurance - Where right brain creativity blends left brain reality. 

About Us

commercial insruance, warrenty, hospital, property insurance,

WHAT WE DO:  A. G.  Roth helps businesses achieve increases in their internal rates of return (IRR) by controlling and stabilizing the various  business risk embedded in their company. The solutions can include combination of insurance, self-insurance, captives, 831b captives or warranty programs.

WHOM WE PARTNER WITH: We work with CFO's, Business Owners, Risk Managers. In medical facilities, we work with Purchasing/Facilities Departments, Radiology, Bio-Med and the finance departments. 

WHY IT WORKS: Through creative risk management techniques, products and "out of the box thinking", we have found small adjustments can produce distinct and measurable advantages for our clients. We look for these advantages to provide you with an edge over your competition and increase your IRR. 

WHAT MAKES OUR SERVICE DIFFERENT: We use creative tools that 99% of the insurance agents in the country are not aware of that can help facilitate small changes for huge financial rewards. 

HOW IT WORKS: Our process starts with a meeting or phone call to discuss your needs and hear about our review platform. 

READY TO TALK: We can be contacted by phone or text.

Niche Expertise


While we can assist most mainstreet businesses, there are some unique business that garner our interest. Here are a few:

Medical Facilities (see www.FaciliGuard.com ), Reverse Flow / Products Liability for foreign companies in North America, Medical Technology and Nutraceuticals Products Liability, Workers' Comp dividend programs. 

Different is OK!

Small Firm/ Large Firm


A. G. Roth is a member of Insurance Associates of America (IAA).

IAA was formed in 1996 and is based in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Since then IAA is licensed in 41 states with over 80 offices. 

Our Company


Andy Gastley - Practice Leader

Mr. Gastley began his carrer in Atlanta GA as independent insurance adjuster while attending Georgia State University- graduating with a BBA in Insurance. As an adjuster, he handled a wide variety of claims that gave him a unique perspective on how the insurance "rubber hits the road." 

This background has given him valuable insight to what a client needs when looking through the lens of claims. 


Hit the Easy Button

Small changes can have a dramatic impact on the life of a business. While most agents concentrate on "price", we look for ways to help and coach YOU on how to generate your own savings which has a more lasting impact on the business as a whole. We have a number of resources to help make these changes easier. Some changes are so easy a kindergardener could manage! 



A. G. Roth is a member of Insurance Associates of America. For policy holder service, such as certificates, billing and endorsement inquires,  please contact:

Insurance Associates of America

17500 W. Liberty Lane

New Berlin, WI 53146

(262) 754-5252

Email: CLservice@iaanetwork.com

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