Hot Innovations in Insurance World

Integrity Testing

A. G. Roth is a strong advocate for integrity testing. We partner with IntegrityFirst.  The test is a pre-hire tool to help prevent you from hiring candidates who engage in high-risk behaviors including drug/alcohol abuse, theft, hostility and lying. Ask us how to obtain discount pricing through A. G. Roth referral program.

Contextualized Telematics

Companies have developed smartphone telematics to help measure driving habits as related to speed, hard turns, braking and acceleration. We now have a patented program that overlays traffic, weather, general traffic speed, road gradation, and if a driver is handling the phone while driving. This new software provides a more accurate measure of driving habits and allows scoring and monitoring of the driver. The program is surprisingly afforadable. Ask us how this can improve your vehicle claim results and operating cost of owning vehicles. 

Artificial Intelligence & Insurance

A. G. Roth is please to represent one of the first solely AI based insurance underwriting companies in the US. Many small businesses can be rated in a few minutes with 5-8 questions. The AI program provides the majority of underwriting/mapping and backroom research. This amazing program allows the insurance company to write coastal business better than most companies who simply map by zip code or county. Contact us to see if your business qualifies for a quote in 5 minutes or less and see how much you can save!

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