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Announcing InsureTech Insurance Programs

Artificial Intelligence and computer mapping is being adopted by the insurance industry. There are platforms that are fully automated to underwrite certain classes of business. NOW, only a few questions are asked to generate a proposal. InsureTech underwriting keeps cost down, saving you money. 

In addition, it will be possible to obtain pricing without having to deal with an agent until you are ready, or have questions about coverage. On-line underwriting will be available 27-7. 

Below are classes of business that are available for AI underwriting. Soon, the classes highlighted will be available for you to secure your own insurance proposal on-line at any time with just a few questions like:

Business Name, Your contact info, Anticipated sales, Federal Tax id - and BOOM!! the computer does the rest. 

InsureTech classes of business coming soon:

Buildings - Lessors risk - Offices All types

Restaurants - Cafes, Deli, Pizza Shops, Family Style, Fine Dining, with/without alcohol

Retail/Mercantile - All Types - Bakeries, Auto Parts, Bicycle, Clothing, Beverage - Liquor and Wine, and more

Wholesale - All Types - Appliance, Auto Parts, Clothing, Janitorial Supplies, Groceries, Plumbing Supplies, and more

Service - Barber Shops, Beauty Parlors & Hair Salons, Printing, Laundry & Dry Cleaning, Mail Box/Packaging Stores, and more